For some countries in Asia, they beloved that is very wonderful to maximize all the areas that could be used for making it useful and utilize the function the empty space. Besides living room, most of the families in the Philippines would create a place where they can get together to talk, to have fun and even for relaxing themselves. Talking about this country, the weather here is very hot and there is a strong sunlight coming from the sun. It is located the tropical zone fo the Earth. They are experiencing tropic season as well, it means only wet and dry are the possible seasons that they have unlike for some other neighboring countries that could have four seasons, taking China, Japan and Korea for example.  

They would reserve a spot where they could plant flowers and trees as it could as coolness and gives fresh air to them. It is really perfect for them to have a patio or porch next to their house. It is not common for Filipino to hire patio builder as they believe that it would cost a lot of money. They would love to do it by their own or with the help of other family members.  

Philippines people are known for being creative and artistic as they could come up with different designs and enhance the beauty of their homes into a modern and unique way.  

Most of them are coffee addicts. It means they love drinking coffee and even teas. So, this is a very common style of patio for some people as they would tend to make it like an outside the house coffee place. It is perfect to have with surrounded plants and trees. It talks about nature and environment, it means your main materials here are made of woods.  

Some places could be cool especially if it is located on the top of a mountain or nearby to the country side. This could be the excellent place to build an inspired patio of the modern people. You could have this at the back of your house or to the garden. Your floor will be made from the light weight material of woods and then match with the summer style by using umbrellas and tables and chairs. This will make other people relaxing by letting themselves spend the whole day time on a jacuzzi. Staying here while drinking a fresh apple juice would be like heaven for others.  

But for some, it is hard to leave the life of a city. It is where their works are placed. For them, building a deck on the top of the roof could be a genius way to create a patio. It would be looking so modern and classy as you could put some sofa and furniture there.  

There would always be a lot of ideas for many people. The most important reminder here is that you know how to start doing it. We could blend to the nature by doing this.  

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Top 5 Exercises You Can Do to Relieve Shoulder Pain 

The most complicated joint in our body is the shoulder joint. If your shoulder joint is not on good condition, your mobility would be affected. The joint’s job is to give the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons in the shoulder the stability to work together. It’s also the reason why you can move your arm 360 degrees.  


However, the mobility and stability can be affected if you experienced an injury. The experience could range from experiencing little pain to total loss of mobility. If you are having these issues, call fisioterapia Pistoia right away. But if the pain is not that worst, it can be usually solved by doing shoulder exercises. These are the following.  

  1. 90, 90 Shoulder Stretch 

Stand in the doorway. Hold your arms up. Make sure that your arm forms a 90-degree angle to your body, and your elbow as at the same degree too. Place each of your hand on one of the door frame’s sides. Place your one foot forward. Make sure to stand up straight, your neck should be aligning with your spine. Lean forward and brace your body against the frame. This should stretch should be held for 30 seconds and repeated 2-3 times.  

  1. Seated Twist 

Grab a chair with flat surface. Sit up straight and keep your knees together. Twist your torso to the left (or right, or whatever makes your comfortable), place your right hand on your left thigh’s outside part. Relax as you look towards the left side. Gently push on your left thigh. Take a deep breathe for 15 seconds and release. Repeat the process to the other side. Do this exercise for 3-5 times, each side.  

  1. Chest Expansion 

This exercise will require you a strap, rope or band or even a tie. Just put any of these behind your back and grasp it with your hands. While you hold the straw, draw the shoulder blades toward each other. Lift your chin gently toward the ceiling. Breathe for 15 seconds and then release. Repeat chest expansion exercise for 3-5 times.  

  1. Neck Release 

Sit up straight in your chair, or even your bed. Bring your chin slowly toward your chest until you feel that stretch at your neck’s back area. Lean your head to the left so you can stretch your right shoulder, or the other way around. Do then same to the other side. Hold this stretch for 1 minute. Do a deep breathing as you continue to relax. Repeat this exercise for 3-5 times.  

  1. Arm Across Chest Stretch  

Hold your left hand out in your front, near your waist. Reach your other hand behind the elbow and pull your left arm to the right, just across your chest. If it hurts, lower the arm until the pain is gone. The goal of this exercise is to be able to pull your left or right arm (wherever side hurts the most) across the chest without feeling the pain. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat with the other arm. Do this exercise again for 3 to 5 times.  

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